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Hello beautiful people!

One thing you should know about me is I absolutely love the Fall. I love the beautiful orange leaves, the chilly weather, and transitioning from drinking ice tea to hot tea (I'm an avid tea drinker). Unfortunately, in LA we are not getting much of any of that. For those of you who are not currently in this sweltering madness, it has been in the high nineties going up to the hundreds for the past few days. I know, yuck. Despite my Autumn loving heart not being filled, there is still one thing I can get extremely excited for... HALLOWEEN! This magical holiday gives us a chance to unapologetically reveal our true colors through fashion without judgement. As you may recall from my Welcome blog post, the first time I ever stepped out in 50s attire was for Halloween when I was thirteen years old. My younger brother turned thirteen this year and he is planning on going as a sneaker. You may be wondering what that has to do with pinup, and the answer is that it has absolutely nothing to do with pinup, I just found it to be pretty funny. However, I suppose it does have relevance in being confident in your Halloween attire. I think there's a sense of pride that can be attributed to confidence on Halloween. Apart from cosplaying, Halloween is the only event where dressing up in something ridiculous is socially acceptable. For those of you hoping to break into the pinup world, Halloween provides a safe and non judgmental opportunity. 

There are hundreds of different vintage clothing stores, and trust me I am definitely planning on sharing all of my favorites in a future post, but for now I'll stick with my favorite retro Halloween collections. In response to that I have three words for you: Pinup Girl Clothing. If you aren't already familiar with this brand, they are a lovely group of ladies with an incredible online store and physical store in Burbank, CA. Although I've had to sort through some orders and return things, when I've found something I like from there I'm pretty much obsessed with it forever. Pinup Girl Clothing (PUG) has one of the best Halloween collections I have ever seen. Their gorgeous halloween print circle skirts are equally matched by their incredible black gowns and pinstriped dresses. These items along with all of their fabulous spooky accessories make dressing for Halloween very easy, and provide vintage costumes such as Morticia Adams from The Adams Family and Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. However, my absolute favorite item added to their collection this year was their Hogwarts House dresses, skirts, and tops. Although they're not specifically Harry Potter merchandise, they provide a perfect opportunity to show your witchy side on Hallows Eve. The Burbank team also throws these awesome pinup parties at the shop year round, including a Halloween Bash which happens tonight. 

Admittedly, PUG can get a little pricy, which is why I have one more word for you: Amazon. Gasp! I know! Amazon! I have been able to find a shocking amount of good quality 50s inspired dresses through Amazon for a very reasonable price. Most of their dresses are in the $15-$30 price range, and with Amazon Prime they arrive in only two days. Perfect for you last minute Halloween shoppers. All I will say about Amazon is do not be afraid of it. It is an excellent way to begin building your pinup closet while not spending too much money up front. Their dresses are not as nice a quality as you would get from PUG or other specifically pinup stores, but they do the trick, and you don't have to feel as badly if you spill candy all over it. 

You can also easily add one or two accessories to spruce up an outfit you already own! You'll find there is a surprising amount of good halloween accessories hidden in your local Goodwill or Thrift Shop. You can add a little pointed hat to black dress for a simple witchy look, or grab a pumpkin and a lone shoe to transform yourself into Cinderella!

Putting together a pinup outfit is actually pretty easy when you know the right places to look! Don't be afraid to be yourself! And if you're still having trouble deciding what to wear, her's a whole bunch of gorgeous pictures on Pinterest to inspire you: https://www.pinterest.com/cassbriskman/hallows-eve/

I hope you all have a lovely magical Halloween! 

Kisses and Kindness



Jack Skellington   Jacket - Tatyana Boutique  Dress - Vixen By Micheline Pitt  Turban - Thrifted

Jack Skellington

Jacket - Tatyana Boutique

Dress - Vixen By Micheline Pitt

Turban - Thrifted

Witchy    Dress - Amazon   Gloves - DIY  Broom - Trader Joes


Dress - Amazon 

Gloves - DIY

Broom - Trader Joes

BeetleJuice   Dress - Vixen By Micheline Pitt (Purchased through Dallas Pinup) 


Dress - Vixen By Micheline Pitt (Purchased through Dallas Pinup) 



Well hello there beautiful people!

My name is Cassandra, and I assume that you’re here because, like me, you love everything and anything to do with retro pinup. I’ve always had a fixation with the 1950s and the glitz and glam of old Hollywood. In fact, when I was thirteen years old I actually dressed as Grace Kelly’s character, Lisa Fremont, from Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window for Halloween. Yes, really. However, I didn’t truly start showing the world my pinup side until early 2017. Despite my everlasting awe of the 1950s, it wasn’t until I discovered the lovely pinup community that I knew I wasn’t alone. The pinup community first revealed itself to me through an incredibly kind and gorgeous lady named Loni Catherine (Instagram: @lonicatherinec). Loni has this incredibly amazing way of making pinup/retro fashion look completely natural in modern society. It is most likely due to her confidence in her look, but her gorgeous closet probably helps too. Through Loni’s social media, I was able to discover a whole magical world of pinup shops (which I’ll talk about in a later post), and more gorgeous gals with a shared love for all things vintage. There are HUNDREDS of Instagram accounts dedicated to pinup fashion, and the owners range from elderly ladies who are still rockin’ it, to professional pinup models, to girls who are just starting to join the community.

I stepped out in pinup for the first time in public on April 22nd, 2017. I live in Los Angeles so people are used to crazies, but I swear people looked at me like I was foaming at the mouth. At first it made me extremely self conscious, but then I remembered Loni Catherine and her seemingly effortless confidence in her style. As the day progressed I learned how to take the weird looks as a compliment, and not worry too much about people’s judgement. This brings me to the first half of what this blog is going to be about: beauty and confidence. Together we’ll dive into what types of clothing make you happiest, and how you can do your best to ignore the judgments of others, all the while feeling better and happier with yourself.

The second half of this blog will be focused on more of the pinup side of things. I know a lot of vintage gals who love love love their dresses, but personally I don’t mind wearing a t-shirt and jeans part of the time. However, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that help me put a retro twist on a regular modern outfit.  In this blog I’ll explain my techniques on how to sprinkle pinup into your life while still having time to wear sweats. Of course, that will include lists of all of my favorite Pinup brands, hair & makeup tutorials, and all my little tips and tricks on building a social media platform for your pinup style. I can’t wait to start! And please, if you have any questions feel free to reach out. You can find me on Instagram @cassandrabriskman

Kisses & Kindness





Me at thirteen as Grace Kelly in Rear Window...